Between sails and lagoons

The Cat'Ananas, a convivial catamaran with a capacity of 12 people offers you strolls for a
moment of relaxation. Cruises include:
- Trolling
- Local wildlife viewing: Dolphins, Exocets, Turtles, Birds and Humpback whales during the austral winter.
- Introduction to sailing and navigation



MORNING                                                                                                 MIDDAY AND THE AND OF DAY
• Danish pastry                                                                                        • Samoussas
• Tee, coffee                                                                                             • Bonbons piment
• Pineapple                                                                                               • Pineapple   
• Drinks : Beers, local punch, sodas, juices, water                             • Drinks : Beers, local punch, sodas, juices, water   


An original idea: privatize your Cat 'Ananas to celebrate an event: birthday, theme, corporate or associative. 


Cruise of 3H

Adult: 46 € 

Child from 1 to 12 years: 23 € 

Under 1 year: FREE



Cruise of 4H


Adult: 60 €

Child from 1 to 12 years: 30 € 

Under 1 year: FREE



Booking is recommended